Selection Process


26 Jan. 2022 Rectorate announces categories (Teaching Newsletter)
13 Feb. 2022 Nomination deadline
3 Mar. 2022

SUBMISSION DEADLINE / deadline for self-nomination

All applicants are requested to write a concise and meaningful description of their course. In this description, they must explain and justify their approach to course design.
14-27 Mar. 2022

Student online survey

The short, anonymous student survey is carried out by the Unit for Quality Assurance. All participants in a nominated course are asked to respond to three short questions.
through 8 Apr. 2022

Selection preparation

Joint decision preparation by CTL and Quality Assurance: Document preparation with didactic assessments of all submissions based on published selection criteria (see below).

Calendar week 18 or 19

University jury: Selection

Resolution in the Rectorate

Compilation of award winners
June 2022 Ceremonial award presentation within the framework of the Uni Awards

Selection Criteria:

Please consult the respective category documentation (Promoting Activation and Course Completion, Communicating the Relevance and Impact of Course Content) for the category-specific selection criteria. In addition to the category-specific criteria, the following criteria will be considered:

(1) The student survey results,

(2) course evaluation (if available), as well as

(3) an informative and complete course description in the course directory.

Information on the award-winning teachers and their courses will be published on this website. There will be no information on submissions not selected for an award.