All courses that take place at the University of Vienna between summer semester 2019 and summer semester 2020 are eligible for nomination.

Courses taught by teachers who received a UNIVIE Teaching Award in the past three years will not be considered.

Nominations may be submitted by the following:

  • Groups of at least 3 students
  • Teachers may nominate their own course (self-nomination)
  • Colleagues
  • (Vice)Deans for teaching as well as the (vice)directors of studies

Nomination Deadline

Nomination Deadline was May 15, 2020. This applied to all nominations (self-nominations as well as nominations of others).

Consent for consideration in the selection process and for a short student survey

  • By self-nominating, teachers consent to the condition that the students of the nominated course are asked to complete a short anonymous online questionnaire about the course.
  • In the case of a nomination via a third party (students, colleagues, or (vice)deans for teaching/ (vice)directors of studies), teachers will be contacted immediately upon nomination and asked whether they agree to be considered in the selection process and whether they consent to the online student survey.