Basic Qualification for Junior Staff - Teaching in Higher Education

The workshop "Basic Qualification for Junior Staff - Teaching in Higher Education" is a 2-day course supporting staff new to teaching. This seminar is held in English language. Its generic character strives to be equally relevant for all subject areas. The course informs about the practicalities of teaching at Vienna University. It assists in course planning and offers a networking opportunity among peers.

The course is mandatory for university assistants without doctorate (praedocs) in their first year of employment if they already engage in teaching (cf. collective agreement § 49) as well as for assistants in the second year of employment if they are teaching in Higher Education for the first time. The course has to be taken before or during the first teaching assignment. The aforementioned obligation does not apply if the respective person can prove prior experience at convening courses at university level. On a voluntary basis, the seminar can be attended by all interested teaching staff at Vienna University.

The "Basic Qualification for Junior Staff" is suitable for:

  • Teaching staff with little or no German skills
  • All teaching staff wishing to develop their skills in speaking about teaching in English language and/or who intend to apply internationally in the future
  • All teaching staff who appreciate exchange with participants with international backgrounds

Main content and learning objectives:

  • Developing a repertoire of teaching/learning methods
  • Phrasing learning objectives as competences
  • Developing a teaching/learning concept (course design)
  • Sensibilisation with regard to quality criteria for exams
  • Knowing about the study law
  • Reflection upon the role of teaching staff in Higher Education
  • Introduction to interdependencies between curriculum, module plan and course plan

Course convenors:

The courses in English language will be held by Barbara Breen-Wenninger and Barbara Louis.

 Dates for the Academic Year 2018/19:

  • Monday, 24 and Tuesday, 25 September 2018: Barbara Breen-Wenninger
  • Wednesday, 17 and Thursday, 18 October 2018:  Birgit Peterson
  • Wednesday, 27 and Thursday, 28 February 2019: Barbara Breen-Wenninger

 Preview: Dates for Winter Semester 2019/20:

  • Thu., 26 and Fri., 27 September 2019: Barbara Breen-Wenninger
  • Mon., 21 and Tue., 22 October 2019:  Barbara Breen-Wenninger

All workshops run from 9am till 5pm.

Please register via the Website of Human Resources Development. Registration ends two weeks prior to the respective workshop. For the upcoming academic year, registration will open in July 2019.

Information on the content of the course:
Barbara Louis, PhD
T: +43 1 4277 12063