Teaching Methods and Techniques

Discover the Variety


  • You are able to choose appropriate methods to achieve the intended learning outcomes and tailor them to your teaching philosophy.
  • You are able to select appropriate methods for each phase in a learning cycle.
  • You are able to apply a variety of methods learned in this course in your own courses.


In this course, we conduct methods for different phases in a learning cycle (from introducing a topic to wrapping up, how to connect a new topic to a previous one, etc.) and undertake a critical analysis of methodology books and websites. That way you can build-up a personal pool of teaching techniques. We discuss the dos and don’ts when choosing a method and develop a tailored version of it for a particular situation – based on principles in methodology, which go along with the learning outcomes of your courses.

Important remark

In the workshop, each participant can choose to arrange one-on-one support with the trainer. Each individual coaching session is 45 minutes.

Target Group

  • Academic staff


  • Conducting methods for different phases in the learning process and discussing the applications of each method
  • Plenary and small group discussion on variations of methods and how to implement them into your own courses
  • Input by the workshop facilitator on theoretical principles in methodology
  • One-on-one coaching after the workshop (optional)

Leitung: MMag. Dr. Olivia Vrabl

Lehre und Forschung zu Hochschulmethodik, Lesedidaktik, Referatsdidaktik, Leistungsbeurteilung, Kurslogistik und Unterrichtsmanagement. Lehramtsstudium und Diplomstudium der Hispanistik und Anglistik, zusätzlich Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Doktorat am Institut für Germanistik. Zahlreiche Lehraufträge im In- und Ausland.


Wegen der derzeitigen COVID-19-Krise wird dieser Workshop online umgesetzt (kurzes Webinar mit anschließender Nachbereitung). Die Angemeldeten werden über die genaue Vorgangsweise per Mail informiert.
Der ursprünglich kommunizierte Präsenztermin war Di., 19. Mai 2020, 09:00 bis 17:00 s.t.


Die Anmeldung erfolgt über die Kursdatenbank der Personalentwicklung der Universität Wien.