Exams and student assessment

Exams and performance assessments influence students’ learning behaviour in two ways: on the one hand, the way in which performance is assessed controls learning because students often learn based on the assessment requirements. On the other hand, performance assessments give students feedback on their learning processes and therefore guide them. Thoughtful and well designed assessments can support student learning.


Consulting and workshops

We offer teachers and divisions didactic advice for exams and workshops in the following areas:

  • Competence-oriented design of exams
  • Advice on exam formats
  • Summative and formative performance assessment
  • Development of multiple-choice exams
  • Advice on the use and didactic design of digital exams
  • Design of partial achievements in courses with continuous assessment
  • Fair and differentiated performance assessment
  • Design of exams with open written questions and their assessment
  • Transparent and fair design of oral exams
  • Design of exam-related group work and assessment
  • Handling and reduction of test anxiety

Contact details

Contact details