Online-Self-Assessments (OSAs)

Online self-assessments for prospective students and applicants have been in use at the University of Vienna since 2012. Over the years, the CTL has built up extensive expertise in the design and use of OSAs and supports faculties, centers and institutes in their implementation:

What is an OSA and how is it used?

OSAs help prospective students make a more reflective study decision. You learn about the content focus of a study program and can check whether your expectations of a study program are met. Our evaluation results show that the OSAs at the University of Vienna enjoy a high level of acceptance among the target group of prospective students.

In many subjects, the OSA is used as a mandatory first stage of the admission procedure or as an admission requirement for a specific study program. In both cases, applicants are required to complete an OSA. Only the completion of the OSA is recorded, the individual result has no influence on the admission to the study program. The OSAs can be taken by interested parties at any time, but also on a voluntary basis outside of an admission procedure.

The OSAs of the University of Vienna combine different functions

  • OSA as part of student advising: the OSAs offer prospective students a first insight into the study program and make contents tangible. For each subject, individual tasks or questions are developed that convey the contents as well as the requirements of the respective study program.
  • OSA as an information tool: The OSAs offer the opportunity to introduce the respective field of study and to inform prospective students about study organization and culture. In addition, the subject-specific assignments give prospective students an insight into the university-specific characteristics of a study program or field of study.
  • OSA as a self-assessment tool: OSAs focus on the self-reflection of prospective students by means of specific tasks. After completion, they receive detailed individual feedback that supports reflection on strengths and weaknesses with regard to their studies.


The OSAs of the University of Vienna can be found here:

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