Development of exams/tests for application procedures

Carrying out the application procedures at the University of Vienna is the responsibility of the Teaching Affairs and Student Services service unit. As part of the service unit, the CTL is responsible for the content development of the test instruments used in this process.

In recent years we have successfully realised our goal of using accurate and fair procedures. We reliably ensure high quality by regularly evaluating the procedures used and their impact on the degree programmes. 

Services of the CTL

Entrance exams and aptitude tests are subject to special legal provisions. We therefore place great emphasis on providing our test psychology expertise to support those responsible in every step of exam/test development:

  • Based on a requirement analysis, we create a proposal for the design of the exam/test.
  • We advise you on the creation of the study materials (open educational resources).
  • We help you create fair and legally secure multiple-choice questions. 
  • We develop exam/test questions and coordinate the creation of psychometric items.
  • We provide an interactive online tool to prepare prospective students for exams/tests.
  • We create all necessary exam/test documents (incl. corrections, printing, delivery).
  • We are present during the entrance exams and are available as contact persons for directors of studies (SPL) and applicants. 
  • We ensure the exams/tests are scored correctly and on time.
  • After the exam/test has been carried out, we prepare detailed analyses to guarantee and improve the quality of the exams/tests.


In many subjects, an online Self-Assessment (OSA) is used as the first stage of the application procedure or as an admission requirement for a specific degree programme. We develop the OSAs together with the faculties, departments and centres. You can find out more on our info page on online self-assessments.

FAQ for directors of studies

Frequently asked questions on the development of our application procedures


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