Open Call: UNIVIE Teaching Award2022

The focus of this year's UNIVIE Teaching Award are the relevance of course content as well as degree attainment. Students, teachers, as well as (vice) directors of studies and (vice) deans for teaching are invited to nominate courses they consider excellent in these areas.


  • "Promoting Activation and Course Completion": Awards are given to courses whose conception and implementation also take into account the aspect of course completion. They focus on continuous co-learning, motivating self-activation and employing best practices for exam/final preparation of the students (taking into account the current Covid 19 situation, if applicable). Further information
  • "Communicating the Relevance and Impact of Course Content": Awards are given to courses with teaching concepts in which students engage with issues that reveal any  social/practical relevance of the subject/topic beyond the subject-specific, scientific community. Students learn to relate subject knowledge and methods to problems of social interest (cf. Sustainable Development Goals) or ones that have practical relevance. Further information

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place in June 2022 as part of the Uni Awards. The exact date will be announced this spring.


The prize money of € 3,000 is not earmarked for a specific purpose and will directly benefit the award winners.

For further information please see: