Virtual Student Research Hub

In the context of the digiUR Projektes, the University of Vienna is participating in creating a virtual research landscape enabling students to join international research networks and make their research visible. The Viennese portal is part of the LLearning Planet Digital Ecosystems, where it is possible for students and teachers to present and support student research.

What you can do here:

  • set up student projects and share them with an international community;
  • discover other projects from all over the world;
  • establish links with researchers from all over the world;
  • share open access resources;
  • gain inspiration;
  • experience citizen science and participate in citizen science.

Onboarding Guide

Click here for step-by-step instructions: Onboarding-Presentation 

 Step 1: Create a Learning Planet account.

In order to access the portal of the University of Vienna you need to create a Learning Planet account on OPEN LPiD first. Please use the following link.

Please note: What you have entered under "Job" cannot be changed later. Please enter 'student' here.

By creating this account, you have access to the portal of the University of Vienna,  PeopleProjectsWeLearn and any other projects created by the Learning Planet community. You can use your Learning Planet account for all these platforms.

 Step 2: Complete your profile.

After creating the Learning Planet account, you are part of the community and can complete your profile on People by adding a photo, your CV, and other information.

To do this, log in to People with your Learning Planet account.

 Step 3: Create a project.

As soon as your People account has been established you can create your own project, add team members and browse other projects!

Go to the portal of the University of Vienna and register with your Learning Planet account.



Contact person

Frano Rismondo

Technical support: (in Englisch and Französisch)