Qualification through QuaM! workshops

Student employees (e.g. mentors, tutors, teaching assistants) play an important role in the academic experience at the University of Vienna. They help with the development of competences and communicate on an equal footing as peers. Thanks to this special position, they can provide students with easily accessible support and advise them on challenges that they often do not discuss with teachers and other university members due to the hierarchical gap. 

As part of the qualification programme for student multipliers, or QuaM! for short, all student employees/multipliers can be given (further) qualifications in various subjects so they are even more in line with the particular circumstances of their subject or their activity profile as student employees:

  • Academic writing: Workshops on writing in English, taking notes, ‘pre-writing', writing development, etc. (to the programme)
  • Reading academic texts: Workshops on reading strategies, reading modes, working with/on texts, etc. (to the programme)
  • Learning/learning strategies: Workshops on exam preparation, learning large amounts of material, etc. (to the programme)
  • Using digital tools: Workshops on the didactic use of Moodle, including for specific situations, etc. (to the programme)
  • Methods and academic research and writing: Workshops on student research processes and their support, reflection on methods, etc. (to the programme)
  • Working with/on yourself: Workshops on time management and self-management, procrastination, didactic planning of units, etc. (to the programme)
  • Working with others: Workshops on how to lead groups, communication, facilitation, supporting hybrid teaching, dealing with difficult situations (e.g. fear, resistance, frustration), etc. (to the programme)

Can be adapted to your requirements

The QuaM! workshop programme has new contents added every semester and can also be enhanced together with the directors of studies (SPL) and adapted to the specific requirements of their subject.

Contact details: Klara Dreo, via quam.ctl@univie.ac.at or klara.dreo@univie.ac.at 



Contact: Klara Dreo