Writing assistance programme: information for directors of studies (SPL)

The writing assistance programme targets writing-intensive compulsory courses in bachelor's programmes to support the development of writing competences. The programme enables students to realistically assess their writing competences at an early stage in their studies and helps them develop their academic writing.

 The programme

For each course, the CTL provides one or two writing assistants to support students with feedback on their texts and individual writing advice. With the writing assistance programme, the CTL supports degree programmes that want to support their students as well as teaching in academic writing.

The support offered here comprises:

  • Training of teachers within the programme
  • Provision of the writing assistants
  • Orientation of the feedback from the writing assistants according to the subject culture of the degree programme
  • Evaluation of the programme



Objectives of the programme

  • Provide students with knowledge about writing processes and methods of process-oriented writing didactics
  • Promote (peer) feedback culture among students
  • Enable students to realistically assess their academic writing competence
  • Support the development of students’ academic writing competence

Prerequisite for successful implementation of the programme

  • Willingness to indicate the components of the writing assistance programme (initial and revised version, participation in individual one-to-one advice) in the course directory as part of the partial achievement in order to ensure commitment by the students
  • Willingness to support the CTL in the evaluation of the project
Who are writing assistants?

Writing assistants are CTL student multipliers who have been trained in process-oriented writing didactics as part of the extension curriculum (EC) ‘Akademische Schreibkompetenz entwickeln, vermitteln und beforschen – Ausbildung von Schreibmentor*innen’ (Developing, Teaching and Researching Academic Writing Competence – Training Writing Mentors). They promote the development of academic writing competence in close cooperation with the lecturers and in line with the writing culture of the respective degree programme.

List of currently active writing assistants

 Do you want to work together with us?

Send your request to Erika Unterpertinger (project coordination) and Brigitte Römmer-Nossek (project management) at ctl.schreibassistenz@univie.ac.at.

The preparation time for participation in the writing assistance programme is one semester.

The writing assistance programme of the CTL is based on the Writing Fellow programme of the writing centres of the Goethe University Frankfurt (Main) and the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), which was awarded a prize by the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany in 2014.



Erika Unterpertinger (project coordinator)
Brigitte Römmer-Nossek (project manager)