Advisory sessions for writing-intensive teaching

 What is ‘writing-intensive teaching’?

By 'writing-intensive teaching' we primarily mean continuous assessment course formats in which students have to produce one or more texts. These include (but are not limited to) (introductory) seminars, bachelor's seminars and master's seminars.

 Advice on writing didactics

Advice on writing didactics is based, among other things, on findings from writing research, writing process research, research into the development of student texts and research into epistemological development. In addition, teaching experience as well as experience from advising students are incorporated in advice on writing didactics.

We will be happy to advise you on the following topics:

  • Integration of reading and writing didactics into your own teaching
  • Integration of text feedback and peer text feedback into teachingIntegration of text feedback and peer text feedback into teaching
  • Development of criteria for a bachelor's paper or master's thesis
  • Planning of your bachelor's or master's seminar
  • Supervision options for bachelor's papers and master's theses
  • Further development of writing didactics-related measures in your own teaching
  • Development of subject-specific tasks and exercises for reading and writing on the basis of writing didactics
  • Consideration of heterogeneity of students, especially multilingualism, students with a first language other than German
  • and much more.

 Duration and dates

An individual consultation lasts an average of one hour, but can be shorter depending on the topic and concern. Appointments are available by appointment.