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Our programmes address all faculty and teaching staff across the university, who are interested in developing and professionalising their teaching skills. We offer workshops, consultations, various resources, spaces for reflection, and opportunities to connect with other members of the teaching community.

On this page, you can find our offerings in English, drawn from various programmes:

Workshop series on topics related to teaching and learning

Regular discussion group about pedagogy

Tailored support for teachers in your department

Do you have teaching-related questions or concerns shared by several teachers or the entire department?

For example:
- How do we deal with generative AI in the classroom?
- How can we support learning in large classes?
- How can we encourage studnets to come to class well prepared?

CTL offers support tailored to your specific needs. Contact us and together we will develop an event format (workshop, panel discussion, etc.) that best adresses your needs:

Online repository with material on teaching and learning

Individual and group consultations

If you have a teaching-related question, wish to discuss your course planning or want to get feedback on your teaching material, please contact us at and send us a brief description of your request.