Text feedback

Have you written an (academic) text but aren’t sure about its structure, wording or text type? Get feedback from writing assistants at the CTL!

The writing assistants are ready to provide feedback on:

  1. Content: Are your statements coherent? Is there anything missing? Does the text has a clear focus?
  2. Structure: Text structure, transitions, connections, completeness.
  3. Language: Length of sentences, stylistic incongruity, tenses, repetitions, filler words, etc.

The "text feedback" service will be available again from mid-march!

 The three steps to text feedback

  1. Use the enrolment key (‘Einschreibschlüssel’) CTLFeedback for access to the "Textfeedback durch Schreibassistent*innen".
  2. Complete the reflection sheet (‘Reflexionsblatt’) in the course.
  3. Upload the reflection sheet (‘Reflexionsblatt’) and the text (max. 9000 characters) to the ‘Abgabe’ section.

You will get an e-mail with feedback by the end of the following week (except semester breaks and holidays; further information is provided in the Moodle course).