Learning camp

Learning is an ongoing process. The same applies to learning how to learn. It’s important to reflect on, and adapt, your own learning approach during all phases of the degree programme. This opens up new perspectives and enables you to develop your personal learning portfolio that you can use in the respective learning situation.

In the learning camp, experienced STEOP and writing assistants will help you make your personal learning experience more creative and more efficient. Along with other students, they focus on learning in university contexts and, based on learning materials and on their own experience, develop new approaches to learning.


  • Guidance from experienced peers
  • Exchange in group setting
  • (Further) development of the learning portfolio.

 The focus is on:

  • reflecting on one’s own learning process and personal learning strategies;
  • developing new learning techniques through collaboration with peers;
  • finding inspiration and motivation for expanding your individual learning portfolio.

Come to the learning camp!

The learning camp is aimed at all students of the University of Vienna (Bachelor and Master) - no matter in which semester or in which learning phase. Due to the workshop mode (e.g. working in small groups), the number of participants for the respective dates is 10-20 persons.


22.03.202410:00-15:00CTL Peer Seminar Room, NIG, Universitätsstraße 7., 7th floor
22.04.202410:00-15:00CTL Peer Seminar Room, NIG, Universitätsstraße 7., 7th floor
03.06.202410:00-15:00CTL Peer Seminar Room, NIG, Universitätsstraße 7., 7th floor


The sessions do not build on one another. You are free to choose when, and how often, to attend.


The learning camp is not about working out contents from your own studies together. However, should you wish to do exactly that, we would be happy to refer you to the ISU Learning Café! For more information, please visit the Learning Café website.


Please e-mail peerpoint@univie.ac.at with the subject 'Registration Learning Camp (DATE)'. Please include your student ID number ('Martrikelnummer'), which semester you are in, as well as your degree programme.

End of registration

  • Monday, Tuesday and midweek appointments: until Friday (week before), 12 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday appointments: until Wednesday (same week), 12 p.m.


Julia Heck & Daniil Redkozubov
via peerpoint.ctl@univie.ac.at