When to Teach What?

Sequencing Course Content and Assignments

Learning outcomes

  • You are familiar with principles for sequencing courses.
  • You are familiar with ways to effectively align assignments with course content.
  • You have increased your flexibility in structuring your courses.
  • You have re-designed one of your own courses.


A well-sequenced course strengthens student motivation and learning. It offers a supporting structure that allows students to achieve the intended learning outcomes through a succession of content and assignments that keep them engaged and the workload challenging, yet manageable.

We will start off the seminar by discussing various principles available to sequence course content, some of which you probably already use in your teaching (for example, chronological order, around case studies, moving from theory to application or the other way round, etc.). In a next step, we will explore ways to integrate assignments that help students to acquire and solidify the knowledge and/or skills according to your course goals. The second half of this seminar will be dedicated to practical work on one of your courses. You will reflect on your current course sequencing practice, its advantages and disadvantages, and apply a different sequencing principle to design an alternative course structure.


  • Input by the seminar facilitator
  • Plenary and small group discussion
  • Re-designing one of your courses

Course convenor: Barbara Louis, PhD

Barbara Louis ist seit 2015 am CTL für die Analyse von Daten zur Weiterentwicklung von Studienprogrammen und lehrbezogenen Prozessen zuständig. Projektmanagement und Koordination der Erarbeitung des Infopool besser lehren. 2015 Promotion in History of Science, Technology and Medicine (University of Minnesota). Zuvor Diplomstudium Soziologie (Universität Wien).


Friday, 2 December 2022, 09:00 to 13:00 s.t.


Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Universität Wien, 1010 Wien, Universitätsstraße 5


This seminar is only accessible for the participants of the certificate program Teaching Competence Plus.