Introduction to Active Learning

 Learning outcomes & Content

After this course participants will be able to ...

  • adequately implement active learning strategies in their teaching.
  • evaluate the effectiveness of active learning strategies in a specific setting (including possible strengths but also challenges).
  • employ active learning activities to assesss learning.

In this course, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of active learning, an instructional approach that focuses on student engagement. Over the last years, research has shown that active participation of students helps them to both gain and retain information. In addition, active learning fosters the development of skill sets, which students then can use to interact with material they encounter in but also outside a classroom.

In the first session, we will discuss important pedagogical aspects of active learning, try activities ourselves, and reflect upon their use in a classroom setting. Thereafter, through a self-study activity, you will decide on the part of your class you want to redesign employing active learning principles. During our second meeting, we will focus on assessment of active learning and you will get the chance to try out your own activity and get feedback on it.

 Target group

Academic staff


  • Input by the seminar facilitator
  • Group work and reflection
  • (Re-)Designing one part of your course (e.g. assignment, activities)

Format & Workload

This course will meet twice for 3h each. In between sessions, you will work on a short activity (app. 1h).
Total Workload: 7h

 Course convenor:

Mag. Eva Erber

Mag. Eva Erber joined the Center for Teaching and Learning in 2022. She currently focuses on facilitating exchanges among instructors from various disciplines in informal und non-formal settings. Before joining the University of Vienna, she taught various Humanities courses at Rutgers University (USA) and worked as a coordinator for the university-wide Teaching Assistant Project.


  • Part 1: Mo., 03.06.2024, 09:00-12:00h (face-to-face class)
  • Part 2: Mo., 17.06.2024, 09:00-12:00h (face-to-face class)


Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL),
University of Vienna, 1010 Vienna, Universitätsstraße 5


The registration takes place via the course database of the Human Resources Development of the University of Vienna. 

If you would like to register for this course but are not employed by the University of Vienna, please contact Isabella Kämmerer: