Coaching for University Teachers:

Reflection, Peer Support, and New Perspectives on Teaching

 Learning outcomes & Content

  • Develop strategies to solve challenging situations in teaching.
  • Expand your repertoire of instructional approaches.
  • Build a network of peers to discuss and find support in teaching-related issues.
  • Participants will bring or develop their own goals during the coaching process.

We will meet once a month in a supportive, small-group setting to discuss your questions, concerns and challenges that come up as you teach your courses at the University. By sharing your ideas, experiences and successful practices with the group, we will compile a rich collection of resources for the group to draw on in developing and reflecting additional strategies for and new perspectives on teaching.

Participants bring the discussion topics; the coach moderates the process and offers advice on teaching and pedagogy as needed. Here are some examples of frequently discussed subjects in coaching:

  • Designing and teaching courses,
  • Strategies for managing heavy workloads,
  • Balancing the various demands included in a teacher’s role,
  • Interacting with students and colleagues,
  • etc.

 Target Group

University teachers who would like to reflect on their teaching, exchange ideas with their peers, and develop new perspectives on and approaches to their teaching.


  • Reflecting your teaching practice and role(s) as a teacher
  • Faciliated small group discussions
  • Peer learning
  • Use of appropriate coaching methods as needed
  • Consultations on teaching and pedagogy

Format & Workload

We will meet once every month during the semester (i.e. four times), for two hours each.
Total workload: 8h




Louis Barbara, PhD

Since 2015 staff member at CTL, management of programs for first-time lecturers, implementation of consultations and coaching. Responsible for the Infopool Better Teaching; content focus includes topics in instructional planning. Previously PhD in History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Univ. of Minnesota, 2015), teaching positions in Austria and USA, coaching diploma.


Session 1: Wed., 18.10.2023, 09:00-11:00h (face-to-face class)

Session 2: Wed., 22.11.2023, 09:00-11:00h (face-to-face class)

Session 3: Wed., 13.12.2023, 09:00-11:00h (face-to-face class)

Session 4: Wed., 17.01.2024, 09:00-11:00h (face-to-face class)


Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL),
University of Vienna, 1010 Wien, Universitätsstraße 5


Registration is done via the course database of Human Resources Development of the University of Vienna.

If you would like to register for this course but are not employed by the University of Vienna, please contact Isabella Kämmerer: